In a Funk

I haven’t written a blog since December. Once the holidays are over I get in a funk. I stay inside my house hibernating from the rest of the world. Nothing I’ve written seems worth posting. I’ve even begun to wonder why I started a blog in the first place. Everyone said a writer needs to have a blog. But why? I don’t like the idea of promoting myself.

Well, anyway, I’m going to try to get back into the practice.

 I finished my novel Daughter of the Bride and sent it off to my thesis mentor Ann Wertz Garvin and second reader Jacquelyn Mitchard. I’m anxious to hear back from them. I graduate from Southern New Hampshire University with an MFA in Creative Writing in June. Already made hotel and flight reservations to New Hampshire. My family is coming with me and we’re going to vacation in Portsmouth while we’re there. I’m excited but also apprehensive. I’ll miss the peer workshops and deadlines.

I’ve started on a sequel to Daughter of the Bride but have only ten pages. I guess it’s normal to feel drained of creativity after finishing one major project. I just hope it doesn’t last too long. I rework old short stories but have no new ideas. Just curious as to how many other writers go through this funk and what they do about it.

If anybody’s out there who has any advice, please leave a comment.



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7 responses to “In a Funk

  1. Rebinator, I think I get about 2 dozen ideas for something new while completing (or trying to complete) a priority project … sometimes I just make notes, sometimes I make starts (10-50 pages) to something that I have the juice for … then I’ll go back and take a look-see (mostly to see if it’ll get refresh the original juice) … sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, but, like what you’re going through, whenever I finish a particular project, I go into a funk (what my wife tells me) … you’ll come out of it … and you’ll be flying all over again. See you in a few weeks!

  2. Fine, then promote your stories. Write because it makes you happy. I’m lucky that I am an accountant. Because of this, the time I can set aside and write is fun and special. You are attempting to make writing a career, where peers will valuate and validate your efforts. To me, that would be as stressful as a heavy tax season. Writing is my escape. I just finished the 4th book of my 19 story mythology and have begun book 5. I am on journey in my mind and that journey is being chronicled.

    I enjoyed the Magician’s Hook and in my creative mind I saw a trilogy just waiting to be completed. Why is it not out there? Time is fleeting, it knows no muse or no funk. Get on that journey and chronicle it each day.

    I hope that helps little sister.

    • It does help. I need to take this time to look at what I wrote in the past and edit them. If that doesn’t get my creative juices flowing I don’t know what else will. I wish I was more like you. Story ideas come to me slowly. I even write slow. Thanks Eddie!

      • Then consider teaming up to get your stories out. I you want, I’ll put the Magician’s Hook into my Adobe InDesign software so you could see what it would look like as a eBook. And if you are truly open, I’ll tell you how I see it as a trilogy. In return, just read my trilogy, provide me insight into a second edition and join my focus group for the next 16 to come.

  3. I’d be more than happy to read your trilogy and join your focus group now that I’ll have more time. As for the Magician’s Hook I’m also open to suggestions but I’m not sure I would want to write a trilogy, maybe just a sequel. I still feel it needs some more work which I will start on as soon as I get my new computer. I have to see how the new format will be.

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