Pictures of Star Island and SNHU

Some of the sights you’ll see on Star Island.

This boat is trapping our lobster dinner.

The Art Barn is an excellent place for a Peer Workshop.

Yes, there’s an old cemetery on the island. Star Island is supposedly haunted.

An old church

More views along the way to Star Island

The MFA in Creative Writing program at Southern New Hampshire University meets in the Robert Frost Hall for a few days before the residency travels on to Star Island.

The view while walking from my dorm to Robert Frost Hall.

Another view while walking on the SNHU campus



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10 responses to “Pictures of Star Island and SNHU

  1. I am such an idiot when it comes to technology. I don’t know how to fix these photos. Someone please help!

  2. Somehow it looks like each photo is a reply to the previous. They should all just be posted directly into the first post.

    ….and if that isn’t it, then I got nuthin.

  3. I came back from a trip to the battlefield at the siege of Vicksburg, MS. My mind raced on how to incorporate the imagery into the fourth book of my mythology. When you look back at your pictures above, do you see new stories just from your visit?

    • Oh yes! But I have to finish the one I’m working on before I can even think of the next one. I’m not good a multitasking when it comes to writing fiction. My characters get confused. 🙂

  4. hehe I had a similiar prob with a few pictures once! Did you insert them all one after another the the same time? I think it works best if you upload one, write ur comments on it etc, insert it, and then come out of the insert picture thingy. Press enter so there’s a line between them and then go to upload the next picture … might be a bit longer but think its been working for me since!

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