Love Songs for Poetry Month

Since April is considered Poetry Month I thought it only appropriate to post some poems.  A quick disclaimer first:  I haven’t written poetry in many, many years.  The one I’m about to share, I wrote in 1985 while taking a college Creative Writing course.  The assignment was to write something sensuous.  So, I wrote a love poem to my then boyfriend and now husband Dean.  Shortly after I gave him the poem, we broke up.  It was a very emotional time for both of us.  He wrote a poem in response to mine and shared it with me when we got back together.  We never could stay away from each other for long, which I guess, by now, is obvious, seeing how we’ve been legally married for 22 years, lived together for four, and dated for two.  Well, without further ado here’s my poem, followed by his (and I have to admit, I think his is the better of the two).  Enjoy!

The Love We Make

Deep tones you emit

From full, searching lips,

Sending shivers of anticipation

Down my legs and up my spine,

Clear through to warm my belly.

Your strong, but gentle hands

Reach for me, pulling me closer

To the heat of your presence.

My heavy head tilts back

As I melt

In your dark brown,

Liquidity pools,

The very essence of you,

That mirrors your soul.

As I fall

The hold you have on me

Keeps me from drowning,

Yet you smother me

With your delicious sweetness

I want to keep all for myself.

Tongues flick like fire

As I taste the salt of your labor

On your neck where I rest my open heart.

Planets dissolve into nothingness

For there is nothing

But the two us,

Consumed by flaming powers

Only we can control.

Moaning pleasure, the only sound

In the universe we created

From a mold of mutual understanding.

Bodies stiffen and muscles strain

As if letting go of all life’s frustrations

Within a matter of moments

That seem like ages,  like seconds

Ticking away from our grasp.

Reality ends

And begins

At the same time.

Another Love Song

Is this just another love song
Of fools and follies and emotions?
Is this just another love gone wrong
With its good intentions and romantic notions?

Does time always mend wounds done in passing?
Who is answering questions and who is asking?
Do tongues that flicked like fire still linger
What ecstasy can sweep us with its deep bound fingers?

And am I wrong to feel the way I do
As ages pass since I last saw you?
Could you ever understand if I could ever say
I’m trying to clear a path but I’m still in my way.

Is this just another love song
Of fools and follies and emotions?
Does it only fall like rain upon
A vast and endless ocean?

Are we lost and consumed beyond control?
Does our essence still mirror our souls?
Can we still gain some calm composure
And hide from open hearts’ disclosure?

We try to grasp beyond our reach
And clench the emptiness that makes us weep.
We only think of sweet yesterdays
As we hitch a ride to take us away.

Is this just another love song
Sung through tears in shades of blue?
Perhaps it is a love gone wrong
But I still find myself—loving you.



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4 responses to “Love Songs for Poetry Month

  1. Hey, thanks for posting these, and for sharing the beautiful story behind them. Two poems that are quite different, but somehow fit together – like the perfect marriage, I guess!

  2. מה ניתן לבטא דרך שירה,עומק של רגש חוזק של המילה עוצמה הטמונה בנפש
    ובעצם תחושות של האדם זה שכותב ועל זה שנכתב.
    שני שירים קראתי אהבתי אני כותב בסגנון אחר טיפה אבל כל שיר עבורי הוא עולם ענק.

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