Need a Little Help from My Friends

Now that I’m in the blogosphere I’ve found I’m not alone.  I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what to say on a blog site.  But after reading Every Writers Dream, an eBook by writer Jeff Goins, and checking out his website at  I’m slowly catching on.  I am not of the techno generation (not sure what you call this generation of youngsters).  I’m the last of the line of baby boomers!  I’m at the mid mark in my life.  Yes, I’m 50!  There, I said it.  It’s out there and I’m not ashamed.  I have learned much over the years and I’m still learning and hope to do so until the day I die.  But technology is a lot like math was for me way back when I was in high school and college.  There’s major blockage there—it seems so damned difficult that I throw my hands up and give up. (Okay, so I don’t throw my hands up—I need them to write.)  It’s just that I get a mental block similar to writer’s block when it comes to learning new things on the computer.  I am so technologically challenged; I needed my daughter’s help to even begin a blog.

So after I read the eBook, Goins mentioned needing a platform, a brand, and a voice.  So my platform is blogging; I figured that much out.  A brand can be a logo, a name, an image, a promise, a reputation, and a voice.  My name is pretty unique.  Yes, Rebel really is my name.  Maybe I could change the spelling of my last name to Soul.  Sowell is like “So? Well?” but when pronounced with a Southern/Texas drawl such as I have it sounds like Soul.  Just an idea.  What do you think?  I could get my oldest daughter to create me a logo; she’s a graphic artist.  I’d have to pay her though.  You can check out her website at

As for a voice, I think I’ve developed that pretty well over the years.  My voice is simple, unpretentious, and humorous (at least I think so).   Sort of like a self-depreciating Rodney Dangerfield, except I’m female and not as ugly.  Okay, so maybe I’m not even that funny.  At least, I have a good sense of humor and I try.

It’s the marketing aspect of it all that really makes me nervous.  I’m not good at that sort of thing.  And yet, if I want to be a successful writer, I need to be able to advertise.  Right?  The whole thing still makes me feel like I’m stupid or something.  I’m not afraid to admit it.  I’m learning.  Hopefully, whoever chooses to read my blog will be able to watch my growth overtime as I develop into one of those confident bloggers I like to read.  So, if you are reading this, and you have suggestions or ideas, feel free to share.  I can use all the help I can get, and I bet I’m not the only one.  So help me brainstorm.  Pretty please!



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5 responses to “Need a Little Help from My Friends

  1. Rob

    I don’t know if you have any friends, but your name is pretty cool as it is.

  2. Because the literary world is changing so rapidly, I’ve been linking some sites to follow, or articles that might inspire others to write. Whether you like Ebooks or not, it is the future. Magician’s Hook should be out there. It is so very unique that it stands just about as much chance of success as any other novel. I’ve read it and would review it. Create a Facebook fan page, Twitter link and other social media links get the word out for FREE. Jus the other day just a couple of Twitter followers retweeted my YouTube trilogy super book trailer to over 50K followers. Follow others, read their blogs and you will catch on very quickly.

    Advice from other authors i’ve followed, keep writing and give it time for your fanbase to accumulate. Hope that is the help you were seeking, even if it came from your big brother. If I can do it, I know you can.

    EW Greenlee

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