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I wonder what the ghosts of great writers would think about the world of writing today.  Would they have a blog?  What would they say?  The advances in technology make my head spin; I find it difficult to keep up.  Of course, I love the computer.  It beats the hell out of pounding away on typewriter keys, paying close attention to spelling words correctly, for if you make a mistake and don’t catch it soon enough, you may have to retype the whole damn thing.  Back in the day, I’ve had to retype short stories ten times.  By the time I completed the tenth draft, I hated the story.  I was lucky, too!  I had an electric typewriter with automatic correction tape.  Writers of the past had manual typewriters, and before that invention, everything was written longhand.  Young writers today don’t know how lucky they are.

After teaching Developmental Writing, a course for students who did not pass the writing portion of the college entrance exam, I was astounded by what little they knew.  Oh, they can text with the speed of lightning, while driving I might add, but they can’t spell worth shit or write a complete sentence.  They think the McDonald commercial with “i’m loving it” is correct.  They think that the word “I” is only capitalized when used at the beginning of a sentence and not with a contraction.  They think “you” is simply “u”.  It’s appalling.

Of course, all this ranting, raving, and rambling leads me back to Blogging.  Can a writer exist without a blog?  I should hope so.  What if he or she is like me?  I’m just a story teller.  That’s all I want to do.  So why do I have a blog?  Because all the savvy writers say I should.  Will I be able to post new comments frequently?  Probably not.  I have to do a lot of soul searching and brainstorming just to come up with one simple idea.  Am I a moron?  No, just a woman with a lot on her mind.  Which brings me to a thought concerning women versus men writers… okay, I’ll save that for another post.  It requires some additional brainstorming.  I was told posts should be short, no longer than 600 words.  I’m up to 394 at this point.  I best rest my pen, uh, I mean my computer.



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4 responses to “Blah, blah, blog

  1. Rob

    John Scalzi built his writing career (a pretty big one, thus far) from the blog up. Check him out at

  2. Get the “Magician’s Hook” out there! It is a unique story unlike any I have read. You could be the next Stephanie Meyer. Plus, my imagination saw at least one or more sequels.

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